’92 in the Shade

Michael P. Naughton and Donna Novak from ’92 in the Shade announced their new music is coming soon.

The pair blends alt rock, grunge, and classic rock with a touch of cinema. Their catalogue of songs is available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and more.

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Excerpt from the PRWeb Press Release Dated April 26, 2022 – ’92 in the Shade’s release of “Giving Sorrow Words (How Does It Feel)… Michael said the song wouldn’t be the same without Donna Novak’s collaborative input. He explained her contribution. “I went with the standard rock blues template. It’s in a minor key, but when Donna stepped in and reevaluated the song, she encouraged me to add dimension to it because she felt it was missing something, and her musical ability and input took the production to another level. So, we added the sitar, and I cannot underscore enough what the sitar instrument that Donna played added to this song. It was used a lot in the 70s. By the time the song kicks in with her B3 organ in the second verse, you really get the soul of the song, and when you get to the lead section which I played, it becomes kind of ethereal, and it almost has a Doors quality to the slide work. I added in the distant haunting falsettos in the verses to echo the sentiment, “How does it feel?” By the end, Donna uses grating jazz piano chords that musically keep jabbing and pestering as the vocals taunt, “I wanna know” as we ride the song out.

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