Donna Novak

DONNA NOVAK was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. From the time she was a child she was interested in the arts, particularly acting. She credits her father for her love of classic Hollywood films. A local modeling agency took notice of her and signed her, and she worked as a model while studying drama and film in college. Ultimately, she wanted to live in Los Angeles to be closer to the industry, so she packed up her car and drove out to L.A. and has lived there ever since. Having a keen eye for photography and storyboarding naturally lead her to direct. Donna’s also studied music and has played both piano and flute since she was in grade school. In 2020 Donna and Michael P. Naughton formed ’92 in the Shade, which is an alternative rock band that blends grunge and classic rock with a touch of cinema.

Donna Novak performs in Ashes & Empty Words (2021)

Donna Novak as Katherine Olsen in Cabin Fever – Director (2020)

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Michael P. Naughton sings Tom Jones’s Thunderball (James Bond) – Shadow Dancer: Donna Novak (2019)

Michael P. Naughton sings David Bowie’s Lady Grinning Soul from the Aladdin Sane Album featuring Model/Actress Donna Novak (2019)