Donna enjoys capturing moments, and one of her favorite ways to do this is with her love of photography. Here are a few examples of some of her most treasured photos. None of Donna’s images have been retouched or altered. They appear just as they were taken.

  • Fox Plaza, portrayed in the movie Die Hard as Nakatomi Plaza, at dawn
  • Fox Plaza in Century City (Los Angeles) just before dawn
  • Century City (Los Angeles) California Sunrise
  • Clouds Amidst a Beautiful Day
  • Flock of Birds Dive for Food
  • Former MGM Tower now called Constellation Place
  • Sailboat in the Distance on the Pacific Ocean
  • Storm Brewing Over Century City
  • Storm Clouds
  • Sun Glistening on the Pacific Ocean
  • Building of The Century / Candy Spelling's Penthouse
  • 2 Birds Steal Ralphs Deli Bag Filled with Lunchmeat
  • Palm Trees in Beverly Hills
  • Sunset over Burbank
  • Sunset over West Los Angeles
  • 2 Birds in Flight
  • Zuko the Dog